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3-D Singing Rooster Haitian Iron Wall Art

3-D Singing Rooster Haitian Iron Wall Art

Beyond Borders

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15" dia
Handmade in Haiti
Recycled oil drum
For use indoors or out.

This new rooster is full of floral style and beautifully hammered details … and a 3-D wing! Made by Jimmy Dade. The artisans start with designs inspired by nature and culture. From cardboard patterns, they trace their design with chalk on the flattened metal from torn-down oil drums. With chisels and hammers, they carefully cut and decorate the metal by hand. Each piece is shaped and smoothed, then the artists boldly and proudly chisel their name on to the metal sculpture.

Beyond Borders has been working with and nurturing Haitian metal artists in Croix-des-Bouquets for fifteen years. They meet directly with them to ensure that quality and craftsmanship standards remain high. They love the constant exchange and blossoming of new product and design ideas. Most importantly, they see real economic improvement and lives bettered through the creation and sharing of their beautiful art. This success is about a true partnership between the Haitian artists, Beyond Borders, and our customers… all who get to love this art and share in the story.

Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.

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