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Antique "Two Anna" Coins Necklace

Artisan Made

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This antique necklace jingles with incredible sound, and has a great weight and fluid feel. Comprised of two anna coins ranging in date from the mid to late 1800s to the very early 1900s, featuring the busts of three English rulers over that time period: Queen/Empress Victoria, King/Emperor Edward VII, and King/Emperor George V.

The coins themselves range in patina, surface visibility and minted design, as it varied from year to year. The earliest coin dates to 1841, while the latest dates to 1916.

Strung onto a dark pink braided cord and tied off with a tassle, this necklace was made in Burma of these old Indian coins, and acquired in Thailand at least 25 years ago.

60.5 grams total, 11" long from tassel tie to bottom of necklace.

Fits over the head.

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