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Leather Credit Card Holders | Local Artist

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Small Snakeskin
  • White / Silver Crackle
  • Small Snakeskin
  • Large Snakeskin
  • White / Brown Crackle
  • Distressed Silver
  • Distressed Gunmetal
  • Distressed Gold
  • Patent Brown
  • Black
  • Patent Red
  • Patent Orange
  • Mustard
  • Soft Mustard
  • Matte Mustard
  • Matte Khaki
  • Green
  • Soft Seafoam
  • Distressed Teal
  • Matte Teal
  • Matte Blue
  • Blue
  • Crinkle Blue
  • Matte Lilac
  • Patent Purple
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2.75" x 4"

Made with rich, luxurious 100% genuine leather - two pockets.
Safely holds cards & cash.

You have places to go. Things to do. This is the ultimate hand-stitched hand-cut artisan cardholder- combing fashion and convenience.

Free yourself from your bulky wallet! Whether you're going to the beach, the bar, or the gym, leave your wallet behind, and only carry the essentials.

These cardholders provide the functionality minus the bulk, slim high quality cardholders are crafted from premium leather, and built to last a lifetime.

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