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Painted Wooden Indian Temple Toy Bull

Artisan Made

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12" x 7" x 2.5"

This early 20th Century Brahma bull toy represents Nandi, who in Hindu mythology, is the the bull on which Shiva (the ruler of the gods) rides. This Nandi is carved from wood and hand painted with a beautiful patina from years of use. Many of these toys would be repainted for festivals in a temple. This particular piece shows evidence of multiple layers of paint over the years. Wheels or a length of rope may have been fastened through the two holes drilled in his base or the metal loop in his front, to make him mobile.

Nandi also serves as a gatekeeper for both Shiva and Parvati (the goddess of love, fertility and devotion). His image is often honored by stone temple sculptures.

Intended for decoration: would look very cute on a shelf in a baby's room. Not recommended for young children to play with.

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