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Vintage 42" x 24" Kuba Cloth | Artisans in the DRC

Artisan Made

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These amazing textiles were found during our owner, Deb's travels around the world :)

Traditionally woven Kuba cloths  are made by intricately weaving raffia palm fibers. Each piece can take days to create due to the intense process of kneading, dying (using traditionally vegetable dyes), patchwork, needling, and embroidery.  These textiles have an extensive history spanning centuries.  This style originated in the 17th century modern-day Democratic Republic of Congo and has been said to be an influence on Matisse's artwork!

Kuba cloths have a variety of beautiful uses, historically they were worn by both men and women, and some display these cloths by hanging them on their walls as decor. 

The team of artisans that created these cloths are masters of their craft and true artists.

As Deb likes to say: "These are almost like Jazz! The vivid patterns dance on the fabric! True works of art and a delight to have in the shop!"

Measures Approximately: 42" x 24"

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