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Rosamond Purcell: Nature Stands Aside | Addison Gallery of American Art

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What kind of genius is Rosamond Purcell? Is she an artist?

A scholar? A documentarian? A living cabinet of wonders?

Her originality defies category...

-Jonathan Safran Foer

Reflecting the breadth of the artist's career from the late 1960s to the present day, Nature Stands Aside includes more than 150 photographs that explore the shifting boundaries between art and science. From large-format Polaroid prints to objects rescued from obscurity, Purcell's empathetic, evocative, multifaceted work explores the interstices between the unsettling and the sublime, the beautiful and the bizarre, the natural and the manufactured.

With texts by Mark Dion, Christoph Irmscher, Errol Morris, Belinda Rathbone, Gordon Wilkins, and Rosamond Purcell.

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