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Fiesta Fireworks | George Ancona


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From our Vintage NOMAD Books Collection

"Caren holds her ears as her grandfather lights the fuse of his castillo (castle). A flame sizzles, then explodes into a bouquet of fire. The wheels on the castle spin wildly, sending rockets into the night sky, and the sky is filled with wonderful explosions. It's a fiesta!

Every town in Mexico has a patron saint who is honored annually with a fiesta, and almost every fiesta has fireworks. Caren Reyes Urbán lives in Tultepec, a town famous for its fireworks, and her father, her uncle, and her grandfather all work at making them. Join them now in their preparations for Tultepec's fiesta, and then for the wonderful festival itself."

Please note that the cover does have some curling and slight tattering due to the books age

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