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A Family Affair: Monosson Family Jewelry at NOMAD

Posted by Deb Colburn on

Susan Monosson and Jamie Monosson Scherzer

The Dynamic Aunt & Niece Duo Designing Jewelry

Susan Monosson has been a long-time jewelry maker in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area and dear friend of our owner, Deb!  We are so lucky to carry incredible pieces made locally and ethically, such as Susan's unique creations.  You can always find Susan's case displaying her latests pieces in the NOMAD store on Massachusetts Ave:
Susan's designs have been loved at NOMAD for over a decade, and we just cannot get enough!! Susan handcrafts each and every piece with delicate wire work and stunning stones.  Her work features details such as mixed metals, pavé diamonds, bright colors, a-symmetry, intricate gem stones, and gold wire work.
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    The Susan Monosson Collection   


Jamie Monosson Scherzer is an incredible artist and teacher in the Massachusetts area and Susan Monosson's NIECE!  Artistic talent really does run in the family and we couldn't be happier to carry both of these artists at NOMAD.
Jamie works in pottery, print-making, sculpture, and jewelry-- what can't these women do?!  
Jamie uses recycled silver to create her incredible up-cycled silver pendant necklaces.  Jamie handcrafts each and every piece with a repetitive hammering and molding.  We carry her jewelry line featuring gorgeous earrings and necklaces, you won't want to take off!
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Jamie Monosson Scherzer Collection


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