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The Artist Behind Blue Jaguar Studio: Elena Solow

Posted by Deb Colburn on

Elena Solow 


Elena has nearly 60 YEARS of experience!  Starting in the late 1960's Elena was so inspired by the beauty of Mexico and the silver work of the indigenous people of Mexico, the Mazahua people, that she created Blue Jaguar Studios. 

Blue Jaguar Studios began when Elena started living half of each year in Zihuatanejo, Mexico!  She did this for over 20 years, until she relocated to NYC, where her art continued to thrive.
Here is Elena outside her one-bedroom straw home in Zihuatanejo: 

Using sterling silver, colorful beads, and semi-precious stones Elena has been able to create these incredibly light-weight earrings.  Each earring is cut with a saw, rather than cast.  When earrings are cast from a mold they can carry weight that can limit movement, but Elena discovered that by using this saw technique each earrings was lightweight and moved with grace.

Due to their unique design and creation, it is no surprise that these earrings have been featured in Elle and Vogue Magazine.

Lucky for us, Deb and Elena have a friendship that has lasted the years and Blue Jaguar creations have been in NOMAD ever since! 


  Available in-store & online here!  



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