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Our Staff's Holiday Picks

Posted by Deb Colburn on



             Picked by staff member, Deb :)

             Bring FUN to the holidays!

             Picks up the light beautifully!

             Brings shimmer to your home!

            Vibrant and whimsical!

            In-Store Exclusive




Picked by staff member, Nicole!    

Don't know what to get someone for the holidays?

Know their birthdate? Then this is the PERFECT gift for you!!

Soft and personalized to each person's sun sign

In-Store Exclusive


Picked by staff member, Mimi!  

Want a stylish outfit, with little to no effort?

Look no further than our Prairie Underground Collection

Mimi especially loves this denim jumpsuit :)

The perfect gift for YOURSELF this holiday season.... you deserve it!!

In-Store Exclusive








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